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A Little About Scott

Scott Parker was born in Mobile, Alabama and currently resides in Gadsden, Alabama. Scott studied Religion and Art at the University of Mobile. Scott had a passion for drawing from a very young age but had no formal training until college. He entered college as a Art major but went into the ministry in his sophomore year. This decision shaped everything. He would eventually double major, staying an extra year to get his degree in Religion as well. Scott has spent most of his adult life working with young people as a Student Pastor, Worship Leader, Substance Abuse Counselor and Art Teacher.

During his time in college he was introduced to portrait work. He developed a love for Southwestern Art due to its combination of wildlife interaction with the human form. He would eventually focus much of his efforts towards portrait work loving the story that the human face provides and trying to capture the life that each face exudes. It was also the time when he was introduced to the medium of Watercolor, but it would be later, after he graduated, before he would truly embrace the medium. His first passion was the foundation of drawing, capturing light and dark to create texture and realism. After college most of his time was dedicated to ministry and eventually due to constraints on time he was able to do very little in the area of art.

After the birth of his children he began to pursue art again with purpose, wanting to focus on the area of painting. He started with Acrylic and loved to paint with color and texture but was missing some of the control that he had when he had worked with Watercolor in college. This is when he found the medium that he loved. “I love the movement of the water along with the spontaneity of how the paints intermingle as they form what they want before your eyes. There is also the ability to paint with finesse and control in the midst of it all.” He then began painting wildlife and portraits in watercolor, where once again he felt the all familiar pull of the human face and the stories they tell. It was during this time he challenged himself to paint a portrait a week which he did for quite some time. It was also during this time that he started working, once again, with young people. This time, however, they were those who were at high risk. He was a Substance Abuse Counselor for adolescence who had become custody of the state. For 6 years he worked in this field and once again the time constraints and nature of the work left him with very little time and energy to paint and be creative. It has only been in the last couple of years where he has felt the call and sense of purpose to begin to be creative again and pursue this God given gift. “I believe the arts can be a portal and an opportunity to connect with our Creator God.”

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